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There’s still a north wind blowing in Ishigaki island but it has gotten a lot weaker☆

We did fun dives in Nagura bay and Manta point today♪♪ At a site named “Batfish paradise” we saw lots of Batfishes(≧▽≦)

And also lots of other exciting things♪♪ Time passed so quickly(;^ω^) Brown banded pipefishes crawled on the edge of a rock♪ Many of them had gathered in the same place… but I wonder why(;・∀・)

A Leafy Scorpionfish swayed with the waves, as always sitting still waiting for it’s prey to swim by (;^ω^)

I found lots of small cleaner shrimps under a rock(≧▽≦) It crossed its pincers and shake its butt, almost like some kind of dance move (^O^)

Suddenly we came across an Octopus☆ It was quite shy but we got a glimpse of it…

For second dive we went to Manta point! Shortly after we jumped in a Manta swam by in high speed(≧▽≦)
However, it went off inte the blue and didn’t come back(/ω\) Still glad we got to see one\(^o^)/

I found this Red-spotted Nudibranch today again♪ It sat still curled up into a ball.

Another Nudibranch♪ This one was on the way somewhere(;・∀・)

Tomorrow we’re off fun diving again\(^o^)/
I hope we can go out to Manta point again, looking forward to it☆

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