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The wind over Ishigaki island is very strong since yesterday(;´・ω・) Today’s guests had been out of the water for a while so they did a refresher course with us☆ First, we practiced a few skills to get comfortable in the water again ☆ After that, we swam around and explored the dive site☆

Lots of small fishes were swimming in and out of the corals♪

We met several green sea turtles today! Many of them had squeezed themselves in between the rocks to keep stable in the swell(;・∀・)

This turtle was busy eating and didn’t care about us at all(;^ω^)

A tiny Pipefish☆ This season we’ve seen them frequently in this sandy area☆

A peacock mantis shrimp♪ It was hiding under a rock at first but this individual was unusually curious and soon came out to say hello(^-^;

It looks like the wind will continue to blow strong tomorrow too, I hope we can get calm seas again soon(;^ω^)