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As the weather forecast said, we had so strong wind today((+_+))
The swell was also high in Osaki area, and sand was whirling up(/ω\)

However, we went to a bit deeper diving point and there we had good visibility, no wave motion and great diving(≧▽≦) Today, we saw a giant cuttlefish♪♪ It’s still early in the season, but from now winter we’ll see more and more of them☆

We also saw a Tomato anemonefish♪ There are lots of them around(^ω^)

And this is a Golden Moray! We come across them in this area now and again every year♪

A banded sea-snake was also there, many people don’t like them(;^ω^) But I find them quite cute♪

Hiding♪♪ Many small fishes stay in between corals☆

It looks like wind will change direction tomorrow, but it’s also getting stronger(-_-メ)
Still looking forward to diving as always( *´艸`)

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