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Ishigaki island is once again sunny after yesterday’s storm. However, because of the high swell we couldn’t depart from Kabira(/ω\) So instead we had a good time diving in Osaki and Nagura☆

Our first time divers swam very well by themselves(≧▽≦) With this promising buoyancy I hope they’ll go for their licenses soon (^O^)

The corals of Nagura are always beautiful♪♪ The blue corals are also getting more and more\(^o^)/

We saw many different critters today again! We’ll be departing from Kabira tomorrow so sadly we have to say goodbye to those two (;^ω^) They are Pipehorses♪ Around 2cm big☆ One had its tail around a straw and looked just adorable(*^▽^*)

A Ribbon eel♪ It has finally returned to the spot where we usually find it… I wonder were it has been(;・∀・) Or it might be a new one(;^ω^)

We can also find Garden eels at many different dive sites, but they are quite shy so if many divers passes by… they will hide and then we can’t see them at all(゚Д゚;)

There are many colorful fishes on the reef, but this Clown Triggerfish really got a lot of patterns going on(≧▽≦)

In Osaki, a Green turtle was napping♪♪ It had squeezed itself in firmly between the rocks (;・∀・)

Tomorrow, we’ll depart from Kabira and dive around Yonehara☆ I hope we can go to Manta point too, if just the ocean will calm down.

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