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Sunny day in Ishigaki island☀ However, I can hear the wind howling again as I write this in the evening(;´・ω・)
We went for 3 fun dives today♪ First to Nagura area, the visibility was better than yesterday! The cabbage coral garden was doing well☆

We also saw lots of Ishigaki blue coral(*^▽^*)

Ishigaki blue coral

Photo time with the green sea turtles♪ I failed to include the head of the turtle in this one(/ω\)

An anemone shrimp.

A little arrow cleaner shrimp, this one wasn’t busy cleaning fishes at all. It just sat there looking relaxed. We all need time to do that ♪

A frost nudibranch showing off its gills♡

We suddenly ended up with a day off tomorrow! Time to rest and prepare for the upcoming Open Water Course(´・ω・`)