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The north wind suddenly picked up and it started raining midday in Ishigaki island today.

However, underwater it was tranquil(≧▽≦) We went for dives in Osaki and Nagura☆
I say this often, but look at them! The corals! So many different types are growing here☆ There are many sites where we can find this kind of beautiful landscape\(^o^)/

Lots of small fishes swam in schools above the corals♪♪ And in the cracks, shrimps, crabs and even mandarinfish are hiding♪

In Osaki, we met the sleepy Green turtles☆ They are very relaxed among divers and it’s easy to get close for a good picture (;^ω^)

A spotted Garden eel♪♪ They poke their head up from the sand and sway back and forth in search of food(*’ω’*)

A young Banded pipefish♪♪ Looks like some other fish has nibbled on its tail((+_+))

Tomorrow will be cold(;´・ω・) It was a bit chilly today, it is way to early in season for these temperatures. I find myself complaining(;・∀・)

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