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Cloudy sky, but the wind is calming down again in Ishigaki island☆

On today’s dives we found many different critters(≧▽≦)
On the sandy bottom we found different types of Gobies☆ Below is a White-ray shrimp goby♪♪ Gobies are usually shy so it’s important to approach slowly(^O^)

A pair of Pipehorses♪ I hope they will stay in this spot(*’ω’*)

The Green turtles were having a siesta as usually(≧▽≦) I took a picture of its sleepy face♪♪

We also saw a Giant cuttlefish! I wonder if it’s waiting for its friends to shop up(;^ω^)

In the shallow part of Osaki we swam around the coral reefs☆☆

A Scorpionfish☆ It was hiding very well(^O^)

The season for Nudibranch has started♪

A school of Longfin Batfish♪ I hope this school will grow bigger, but maybe that’s too much to ask(;・∀・)

Every time I go diving in Ishigaki, I always find lots of different marine creatures(≧▽≦)

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