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A typhoon is going to pass close to the island and the water temperature is getting colder((+_+))
Today we went for fun dives in Osaki☆

On the sandy bottom, we found lots of fascinating animals like the garden eels, white-ray shrimp gobies, and black-ray shrimp gobies♪♪

There are lots of whip corals around here, on and around them lives different kinds of gobies and shrimps(≧▽≦)

On the sandy bottom and rocky bottom we can find many nudibranchs, especially in wintertime☆
This one is commonly named “Cinderella Nudibranch”, quite a name huh(;^ω^)

A leafy scorpion fish was sitting in a rock crack\(^o^)/ There’s a different one every year but there’s always one of them around this spot☆

A Lionfish♪♪ This one is still very small but the fins are long and beautiful☆☆ For some reason I took a close-up picture so it’s hard for you to see(;^ω^)

Tomorrow I’ll have a day off, staring at the weather report about the coming typhoon(”ω”)ノ

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