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The wind hastily calmed down here on Ishigaki☆
So we could go out to Osaki area and to finish the course there(≧▽≦)

After we finished the skill practice in a shallow area, it was time to go and explore☆☆
We found a Green Turtle relaxing at the bottom(^O^) it was having a nap on the shallow reef♪♪

I took it as a good sign^^however, when searching for the Giant Cuttlefishes they were not in their usual mating mood and many swam around frenetically all our the place… I wonder what happened. I hope nobody has been chasing them around (/ω\)

A Sea Cucumber Crab hitched a ride with this Upside Down Jellyfish, it looks quite heavy for the jellyfish (;・∀・)

A small Scorpionfish, and a Stonefish that had buried itself deep in the sand so only the eyes and mouth were sticking up (/・ω・)/

Our student improved so much during these days and is now a certified diver☆ Congratulations on finishing the course☆

Tomorrow I think we will drive around the boat from Sakieda to Kabira again(^ω^)

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