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The sea conditions calmed down a lot overnight in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) The north wind is still strong so we went diving in Osaki area♪ Our resident sea turtles were there to welcome us☆

Around the spot where we often see schools of Batfish there were two different kinds today, Dusky Batfish and the Longfin Batfish (below)(^O^) The were getting cleaned under the big rock♪♪

It’s still very early in the season but we spotted a Giant cuttlefish today(≧▽≦) Its colors changed rapidly and it soon swam away(;・∀・)

On the sandy bottom a tiny Pipehorse♪

A flounder hiding in the sand☆

Anemone partner shrimps♪

Tomorrow we’re starting a new Open water course☆

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