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The rain poured over Ishigaki island this morning but at noon the sky was blue again(≧▽≦)
We went diving in Osaki area and Nagura bay♪ to search for Giant cuttlefishes☆ A lot of boats were parked in Osaki(´・ω・) A lot of divers and snorkelers too. In this season, Nagura bay is much better for viewing the Cuttlefishes(^O^) We saw several of them today again☆

A shallow coral♪♪ The water temperature has stayed fairly warm this winter which makes me worry about the summer, but I hope they can continue to grow healthily☆

This Frost nudibranch we see often in Ishigaki island♪

And here is a Pineapple nudibranch♪

Of course, we found lots of different shrimps too☆ Below is a Bubble coral shrimp♪

Tomorrow will be the last dives in Ishigaki for our guests this time, I wonder where we should go…~ww

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