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We went out for two afternoon dives in Osaki area today♪♪

On our dives we saw many different critters, let me introduce some of them to you☆☆
First out is this small juvenile Ribbon eel, he will turn blue once he gets older. I wonder if he’ll still be staying in the same area by then(;^ω^)

Two different kinds of Gobies, White-ray shrimp goby and Black-ray shrimp goby♪
They are usually found in deeper areas and their cute appearance charm many divers☆

Around this time of the year, lots of Nudibranch also start to show up♪ We saw lots of them around today (≧▽≦)

Most of the Robust ghost pipefishes around here are quite small, but there has been a lot of them latley\(^o^)/

A Leafy scorpionfish was swaying like a leaf in the wind. Today’s individual sat right  in front of a Stonefish(/ω\)

I wonder if the Stonefish will eat it?(-_-) They are both the same kind of species so I think they should get along!

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