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The wind has strengthened but otherwise the weather was great on Ishigaki island today☆

We went out for dives in Osaki and Nagura(≧▽≦) It was too bad, but the turtles weren’t sleeping at their usual place. I guess they also need a day off sometimes(/ω\)

A young Ribbon eel poked its head up from the sand, there seems to be a lot of them around this year. We usually only see the young ones, I wonder where I can find the adults(;・∀・)

A huge Stonefish♪♪There are lots of them in Osaki so be careful on the bottom! They are a bit scary(;^ω^)

In Nagura, we can find many different types of corals, these different species are all co-existing together♪♪

Schools of Blue-green damselfishes dashed in and out of the corals as if preforming a dance♪♪

But the main act of today was the Giant cuttlefishes! There was a small school of three\(^o^)/ The season for them is not until this spring but, if we are lucky, they might take up residence at this site. I’m going to look for them tomorrow again!

Tomorrow will be another sunny day! I just hope the wind will not be that strong(;´・ω・)

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