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Strong winds and rain pouring down over Ishigaki island this morning((+_+)) However, the diving was spectacular (≧▽≦)
In both Osaki and Nagura we saw Giant cuttlefishes☆ Four of them in Osaki! Some of them laying eggs☆
The picture below was taken in Nagura☆A male was guarding while the female laid her eggs(;・∀・)

Even as the egg laying was over, the male was still very tense(;^ω^) It tried to scary us♪♪

In Osaki we saw three Green turtles resting♪ A small one hid under a rock, but this big turtle was posing right out in the open(^O^)

The Pipehorses are still on the sandy bottom this year too♪ The small ones are the cutest(*^▽^*)

A big Sole☆ We can find them quite often, this one didn’t move at all(;^ω^)

A fierce looking Mantis shrimp♪ The vivid colors really stand out(≧▽≦)

A Banded sea-snake having a break, when they are resting their eyes turn white(´・ω・?) I wonder why…

The wind and rain was strong at the surface, but we could count on the reefs to be peaceful as always☆

Tomorrow, the weather should be a bit calmer. Looking forward to another day of diving☆

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