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Another day with sunny sky in Ishigaki island♪ On days like this the winter doesn’t feel too cold(≧▽≦)
Another day of fun dives♪ We went to see the Giant cuttlefishes☆ Eight of them were busily courting one other, changing colors to blend in and out of the background(*^▽^*)

Like this cuttlefish blending into the reef♪

This cuttlefish was angry all the time (;・∀・)

Under a rock we saw a Whitetip reef shark☆

A school of Glassfish had gathered around this rock☆

A Scorpionfish♪

And a Stonefish♪♪ Making a sad smiley in the sand (;・∀・)

Of course, we also saw many shrimps(`・ω・´) Below, a Durban dancing shrimp

A Pacific cleaner shrimp♪

Cleaner shrimps♪

And also Nudibranch (≧▽≦)

Another day of relaxed diving☆ Looking forward to another warm winter day of diving tomorrow☆

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