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The wind is much calmer but the waves are still high around Ishigaki island(;・∀・) We saw lots of marine animals and plenty of corals on today’s dives☆

One of today’s divers♪ Lots of small blue-green damsel fishes swam in and out of the corals~♡

In Osaki, we met some friendly green turtles♪most of them looked sleepy♪going down for a nap, then up for air and a bite of food in between. Simple life♪

Another one of our guests together with a turtle♪

Robust ghost pipefishes♪Lots of them around today\(^o^)/

We found them in Nagura bay too among the corals!

Clown anemone fishes☆ Which one is Nemo?

…and their friend Dory, a regal blue tang fish.

Big stonefish hiding in the sand! (;・∀・)

A mantis shrimp♪

A teeny tiny bubble coral shrimp♪

A nudibranch (*^▽^*)

Tomorrow we’re diving again! I hope the sea calms down even more by then.