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Lots of New Life Coming♪ Fun Dives☆

By May 10, 2018No Comments

Clear and warm day in Ishigaki island today☆ But we’re supposed to be entering rainy season(;^ω^)

We went for fun dives in Osaki and Nagura(≧▽≦) In Osaki we met a Green sea turtle♪♪ It was just going up to the surface for breathing.

Today we saw many marine animals that were mating or carrying eggs☆ These two Brown banded pipe fishes were caught in the act on camera! Suddenly their colors changed to red and they started mating(*^▽^*)

A Cleaner shrimp was carrying a lot of tiny eggs, you can see their eyes through the shell so they’ll probably hatch soon(^O^)

A Banded pipefish was also carrying eggs♪ The female lay eggs on the male’s belly and from that moment he protects them fiercly☆☆

A baby Lionfish, I think their fins are the most beautiful at this age(^ω^)

A badly timed shot of this Leafy scorpionfish(´Д`) It has its mouth half open(;・∀・)

An expertly hidden flounder♪

We saw the Pipehorse today again☆ Soon the wind will calm down and we’ll move back to Kabira so we will not see it again(T_T)

This Pufferfish probably wanted to escape, but we kept going in the same direction instead♪ It has a cute way of swimming♪

Coral sea\(^o^)/A serene feeling to float over the reef☆

Tomorrow we’re going fun diving again♪ I wonder if we can move back to Kabira…

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