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The north wind has gotten stronger again in Ishigaki island(;´・ω・) Wish it would calm down soon…

Today, we saw lots of different shrimps☆It’s been a long time since I saw a Dragon shrimp(≧▽≦) This one is still small, I hope it will grow up and get big☆ The fern it was living on was also quite small so I guess it will move soon(;・∀・)

A Bubble coral shrimp♪

They usually live in pairs♪ Whip coral shrimps☆

Anemone shrimps can get quite big, this one still has a bit to go♪

The Anemone partner shrimps can be found on many dive sites♪♪

The Green turtles were having their usual siesta in Osaki☆ But this one was in an unexpected place♪ We saw a lot of them today\(^o^)/

A well camouflaged Scorpionfish♪ This one was was in the shallow part of the dive site(`・ω・´)

This is also a Scorpionfish♪ It got this beautiful red color from the light☆

A Brown banded pipefish☆

A Comet longfin fish was hiding under a rock(^O^)

Also, lots of other fishes swimming around the corals\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

And some Nudibranchs☆♡

Today’s diving was a lot of fun\(^o^)/ Looking forward to finding lots of new things in Osaki and Nagura area☆

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