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Finally, warm and gentle winds over Ishigaki island☆☆

We drove the boat around from Sakieda to Kabira day today(≧▽≦)
Also, our repeater diver since 3days finally got the chance to dive at manta point\(^o^)/

Manta city was a big success(*^▽^*) Manta rays were circling around the cleaning stations and sometimes hovering (;^ω^)

A school of Barracudas passed us by♪♪ And we also saw a Green turtle having siesta(≧▽≦)
(The turtle was right on top of the cleaning station so we couldn’t get very near(;・∀・))

For 2nd dive we went to Manta Scramble☆
Here, we also saw a Manta ray as soon as we had jumped in, it was in the deeper part of the site♪ There were several of them circling round and round at different places(;・∀・) Perfect for taking pictures together♪♪

After we enjoyed watching the Mantas for a long time, we went to explore the landscape! Inside a whole, a Whitetip reef shark was hiding(^O^)

Tomorrow, we’re off diving in Kabira again with a boat full of divers and snorkelers☆☆

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