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Today, we still had south wind in Ishigaki island but tomorrow it will turn to north again(;^ω^)
We went for three dives in Osaki area and Nagura bay today and saw lots of Giant cuttlefishes(≧▽≦) But first, corals!

Eight(!) Giant cuttle fishes in Osaki and seven of them in Nagura bay♪♪
The were very busy laying eggs\(^o^)/

Watch the female lay her eggs inside the corals♪♪

We also found a Ribbon eel♪

And a huge Honeycomb moray eel☆

A tiny black Nudibranch (*’ω’*) It looks like a little sooth(;´・ω・)

In the shallows, we found crabs and shrimps☆

There are many dive sites with Anemone partner shrimps, but I feel happy every time I find one♪

This shrimp also stayed in the same Anemoneす☆

From tomorrow, the weather will be colder again with the north wind.

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