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Today summer was back as we went diving in Ishigaki island✨ It felt especially hot before we got in the waterσ(^_^;)
Underwater the temperature was more comfortable! We had some good dives continuing the open water course from yesterday✨ Below, skill practice in action♪

At manta point, a manta ray swam by✨ We didn’t see it for long but it’s still impressive that you can see manta rays on an open water course♪

We met lots of marine animals at the other dive sites♪♪ We have one site where the turtles are almost always resting on the reef looking very cute and sleepy✨

First dive after finishing the course♪♪ Their buoyancy has gotten so good and we easily swam over the reef!

Took a photo with some clark’s anemone fish on the way♪

Over the reef, so many small fish were swimming♪ The variety of corals in nagura bay is amazing but in Yonehara there are big fields with the same species of corals✨

Below, a nudibranch♫

We also saw some squat shrimps♪

And the almost transparent anemone partner shrimp✨

The summer weather will continue tomorrow. Looking forward to diving!