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The first part of this week we had such warm and gentle weather, but now a strong north wind is blowing in Ishigaki island.

Today’s student did his confined session in February and came back this weekend to finish his course☆☆
First day on the boat this morning(≧▽≦) We went to a spot in Nagura bay were we had some shelter from the wind☆ This spot also has many healthy corals♪♪

Underwater, we could escape the cold winds and enjoy the peaceful coral landscape\(^o^)/

Our student had practiced the skills at home and could perform them well so we had time to explore underwater♪ He is quickly getting better and better buoyancy (^O^)

We also met the charming Tomato Anemone Fishes

At around 10m depth, we could see many corals growing and recovering from past coral bleaching(≧▽≦)

The wind will calm down tomorrow (/・ω・)/ I hope it will get warmer again (;・∀・)

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