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We started out with grey clouds over Ishigaki but the sun came out before the first dive(≧▽≦) We continued diving with our guest from yesterday♪ Below, a leafy scorpionfish.

The green sea turtles were at their usual place♡ the one below swam by slowly looking half asleep(;^ω^)

Nearby another turtle had squeezed itself between the rocks (;・∀・)

For the third dive we went to beautiful Nagura bay♪

The corals are overflowing with small fishes! It’s almost unsettling many (;・∀・)

We saw so many different marine animals! Below, a big flounder.

The garden eels poked their heads up and swayed after food in the soft current☆

A Durban dancing shrimp♡We found many different shrimps today♪

A tiny cleaner shrimp.

Below, a whip coral shrimp.

I wonder how long this north wind will last…