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The north wind blew strongly yesterday but today it has calmed down and the sun is shining☀️
Today’s divers had been out of the water for a while so we did a refresher course♪ They dived with renewed confidence after practicing a few skills again🐠

We met several green sea turtles♪ This one was busily cleaning it’s shell on some rocks✨

Below, a little one looking sleepy♪

On the shallow reef, schools of sea goldies swam around the corals♪

The pink leafy scorpionfish is still hiding around the same spot♪ It’s a bit shy and will hide if it gets too busy…

We also spotted some nudibranch✨

And also some sea snakes… I try to avoid them but sometimes they start following me around out of curiosity σ(^_^;)

Looking forward to more dives tomorrow!