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The swell from the last typhoon is gone and the sea was calm around Ishigaki island today ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+
Today’s divers did their first dives in 7 and around 15 years respectively!

First, we assembled the equipment! Then we went for a dive with some skill practice at the start to refresh the memory p(^_^)

Sadly, we couldn’t meet the manta rays today〜( ;∀;) They seem to be around more frequently in the afternoon recently. However, the green sea turtles were there ☆ Below, resting between the soft corals (≧∀≦)

Sea goldies ♪

We took a photo with the anemone fishes too!

A lionfish♪

And, of course, tiny shrimps☆

Another sunny day with calm wind tomorrow♡ Looking forward to more dives☆