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The south wind from last week has changed to north again and winter is back in Ishigaki! The surface intervals were a bit cold under the clouds🌥️
But we had some nice dives✨ On of today’s divers had been out of the water for a long time so we did a refresher course to get confidence back up before enjoying the reef♪♪♪

We saw so many sea turtles today✨

Finger corals in Osaki♪ There was some swell so we swayed a bit underwater with the waves. It is so beautiful 🪸

Our dives swam between the corals with all the reef fish ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Below, a crocodile fish✨

The leafy scorpionfish was out and about today♪

A little nudibranch made it’s way across the sand✨

We saw so many different reef fish, like this lionfish and also everyone’s favorite anemone clownfish✨

I wonder when the sun will be back… I hope soon☀️