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An east wind is blowing over a sunny Ishigaki island✨ We went out for fun dives and Open Water Dives 1+2♪♪ Yesterday, we practiced at the beach🤿 today, we went diving from the boat✨

A green turtle resting on the reef♪

Of course, we did lots of skill practice but also had time to swim around and see lots of exciting marine animals☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The visibility wasn’t the best but the corals are always beautiful!

We saw so many cuttlefish✨✨✨ They are in mating season and didn’t care about the divers at all✨

Of course, we were careful not to disturb them and sat down to watch. Some of them came very close♪

We’re going out with the same group tomorrow again🚢 Looking forward to dive✨