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Strong north wind and rain this morning chilled down Ishigaki island(;´・ω・)
There was too much swell to go to Osaki so we went for three dives in Nagura bay☆ For first dive, we went to Batfish paradise where we didn’t spot a single batfish(/ω\) However, we saw many other interesting creatures(≧▽≦) Like this colorful Nudibranch♪♪

And this white spotted Comet longfin spreading its fins.

A Crocodile fish was hiding under a rock☆ It was big and made a big impact on today’s diver\(^o^)/

The Giant cuttlefishes in Nagura were not in their usual spot, however, we swam by this one by accident ☆☆

This Brown-banded pipefish was crawling on top of a rock ♪

We also saw many shrimps☆

Above, Anemone partner shrimps☆
Below, a Squat shrimps☆

A big Bubble coral shrimp☆

From tomorrow, the forecast says the wind is going to be more quiet again☆

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