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We went out in strong wind and heavy rain from Ishigaki island today(;・∀・)

Underwater, we met a lot of different marine animals(≧▽≦) These nudibranches were making a train♪♪♪

Nudibranch train Video↓↓↓

We can often find Robust ghost pipefishes in wintertime, but today we saw this Ornate ghostpipefish too☆☆

And here’s the Robust ghost pipefish\(^o^)/

A Stonefish, it’s hard to spot!(;・∀・)

It’s not season for Cuttlefishes yet, but sometimes we are lucky enough to see them anyway♪♪

A flatworm♪♪


And lots of corals(≧▽≦)

Tomorrow, the wind will be strong again but after that the weather should be calmer for a while☆

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