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Very busy weather in Ishigaki today! A little bit of rain, a little bit of sunshine and now and again a cloud flew by(;・∀・) Second day of diving with our guests from yesterday☆ The visibility in Osaki was good, although a bit less so in the shallower areas. It was still better and a lot calmer than Nagura (^-^;
The corals and small fish were all doing well☆

The famous Ishigaki blue corals in Nagura (*´▽`*)

Lots of robust ghost pipefish around now♪They move like leafs together with the waves♪

A young clown triggerfish☆

A brown banded pipefish♪

A frost nudibranch getting ready to… jump?

We also saw couple of other nudibranch☆

And shrimps of course! Below, a cleaner shrimp♪

The water temperature is still warm and comfortable, but with the strong north winds the surface interval felt a little bit chilly (;´・ω・) Once the wind turn back to south it will be hot again!