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Just like the weather forecast said, strong north winds over Ishigaki island today(;´・ω・) There are not so many sites to choose from when the sea is rough(;・∀・) However, Osaki area was calmer than expected☆ The visibility was surprisingly good and we saw schools of Sea goldies swimming♪♪

Around this time of the year, we often see the Robust ghost pipefish(*’ω’*) This one still hadn’t found a mate, hope it will find a partner soon(;^ω^)

The spots on the Squat shrimp are meant to work as a camouflage, but I think it just makes it easier to spot(;´・ω・)

A tiny Flatworm☆

And a tiny Nudibranch!

The wind is supposed to be strong tomorrow again, luckily we can dive in Ishigaki’s calm Osaki area☆

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