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We had divers from Hong Kong joining us yesterday and today for Fun Diving♪ Yesterday, we still had quite strong north wind so we could only go to Nagura area(;・∀・) But today the wind had finally calmed down♪♪ So we went to Osaki area to search for the Giant Cuttlefishes!

Luckily, it’s high season for seeing Giant Cuttlefish right now and we saw lots of them today\(^o^)/ They came in all sizes –from the very big to the small and cute– they had all gathered together☆☆

Below is an impressive big male showing off for the camera (;・∀・)

There are so many corals in Nagura area! This picture just shows a small part of the healthy reef with all the tropical fishes living in it (≧▽≦)

We can find Batfishes at many different spots in both Nagura bay and Osaki area♪ Recently, we haven’t seen them in big schools very often, but I’m sure they will all come together again eventually (;^ω^)

A Crocodile Fish was slumbering in a crack between the corals. It’s a quite big and eye-catching looking fish so it’s popular among many of our divers(/・ω・)/
Below is another predator♪ A Scorpion fish sitting on top of the sandy bottom, it has very good camouflage colors but sitting on the sand it’s easy to spot (;^ω^)

Close to it sat a Stonefish♪ This fellow got his camouflage just right buried into the sand☆

We also saw many different kinds of Nudibranch☆ Sitting on a slope was this Miamira sinuata♪

On the sandy bottom, a Glossodoris cincta♪

And this Chelidonura amoena that had entangled itself in something, maybe a Parrotfish’s sleeping nest?

From tomorrow, the wind will turn to east(≧▽≦) Soon we can go out from Kabira bay again☆

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