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Another good day in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) I just wish we had a bit more sun… Today we went out for 3 dives! We saw many different marine animals on, and buried in, the sandy soils of Osaki area(*^▽^*)
A big flock of Garden eels were pocking their heads up

We also saw many Goby varieties♪♪
Below, a White-ray shrimp goby☆

A sole had smoothly buried itself in sand♪♪ Can you see it? Its body is covering the whole picture♪ It will probably rest until the evening(;^ω^)

In both the deeper and shallower parts of the reef we found Pipe horses☆
There were many bigger individuals at the deeper area, but the small ones were hiding in the shallows(*^▽^*)

And we got to see a Green turtle today☆ It was working very hard to scrub and clean its shell(≧▽≦)

Yesterday, we only saw one Giant cuttlefish in Nagura and I thought the season might already be be over. However, today there were seven of them! A male was chasing after a female and at the same time he tried to scare off the other males… so much excitment\(^o^)/

Nearby, some Bigfin reef squids were also mating with drama(;・∀・) They move so quickly compared to the Giant cuttlefishes.

Lots of Blue green damselfishes lives inside the corals and are always quick to take shelter between the cracks, I wonder how they feel about the cuttlefishes laying eggs into their home(;・∀・)

There were also many Nudibranch and Flatworms☆

A pair of Anemone shrimps♪♪

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