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Today the wind was a gentle east in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) The sun was out and it felt unusually warm for the season♪♪
We went for dives in Osaki and Nagura area. In Nagura area, there was a big gathering of Giant cuttlefishes♪♪ It’s egg-laying season! The males fight fiercely over the females♪ There was so much action it was hard to know where to look(;・∀・)

Here is a cuttlefish laying its eggs inside the coral(^O^)

A very large male did his best to scare away the competition(;・∀・)

The turtles on the other hand were having their usual siesta☆ This turtle opened one eye halfway as I approached, it looked like we were disturbing(;^ω^)

Our guests were enthusiastic about getting a picture with the turtle☆ However, the turtle tried to hide even more behind the rock. We left soon and let it get back go sleep(´-ω-`)

The shallow corals look so beautiful when the light falls on \(^o^)/

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