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It’s still quite windy, has winter come to Ishigaki island already?(´-ω-`) Still had some good fun dives today☆
There was a bit swell in Osaki area too, but the landscape underwater was beautiful! The wind was strong in Nagura area and the boat rocked quite a bit but underwater it was peaceful as always(;^ω^)
We saw lots of Green turtles today♪♪ This turtle was resting on the corlas looking very relaxed(≧▽≦)

Schools of Blue-green damselfishes☆

We also found a Robust ghostpipefish☆ There aren’t that many of them yet but we can find them at most sites in Osaki(;・∀・)

A Spotted garden ell poking its head up from the sand♪

A teeny tiny Tomato Anemonefish☆

A Nudibranch☆

And Squat shrimps wiggling their small tails(*’ω’*)

We’ll see what the weather conditions are tomorrow, looking forward to more dives☆

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