The wind has turned to the east, but still the swell is too high around Kabira manta point in Ishigaki island.
Today, we went diving in Osaki and Nabura area☆

Lots of corals as usual♪ Sea goldies and other small fishes were swimming merrily around them(≧▽≦)

In a deeper part of the dive site we saw a Giant cuttlefish♪♪ It’s not season for them but they still live around this area☆

This year, we can also see Lionfishes at a lot of different sites. We still haven’t had the chance to visit the “Lionfish castle” dive site this year, I wonder if there will be many of them will gather there…

A stone fish hidden by a rock, it was only 3cm big and very well camouflaged(;^ω^)

A Flounder was blending into the sand(^O^)

A small Robust ghostpipefish♪ I hope it will grow bigger and we get to see it many more times(`・ω・´)

A Nudibranch☆ Look at those lines!

Anemone partnershrimps☆

And a whip coral shrimp♪

Tomorrow will be another calm day on the ocean I hope, looking forward to diving☆☆

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