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The weather forecast predicted strong north wind for today, however, it turned out to be another calm sunny day in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
Today we went diving with C. from Sweden♪♪
Below, a school of Sea goldies♪♪ There is always so many fishes here

The Branch corals in Nagura bay are looking healthy♪ I hope they continue to stay this way(`・ω・´)

This Dragon shrimp was pretty big♪ It might be one of the coolest looking shrimps around(*^▽^*)

This shrimp had its belly full of eggs(≧▽≦) This cleaner shrimp is quite beautiful and I hope to see a lot more of them soon☆☆

The Anemone partner shrimps were still hanging out in the same anemone☆

We also saw a big gathering on Brown banded pipefishes! There are only four of them in this picture but another five of them were just nearby, must be mating season(*’ω’*)


Tomorrow we’ll have another day of fun dives☆ I wonder what kind of animals we will find on the reefs\(^o^)/

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