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It was a rainy morning and afternoon in Ishigaki island today… but in between that we had a few sunny hours and good dives in Kabira ✨ Lucky day ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+
We went out to manta point and saw some manta rays✨ Three of them were circling around the cleaning station!

For the first dive, there was no manta ray but we enjoyed some nice landscape☆

Many corals were bleached last year because of the high water temperatures but there are still many healthy ones left too! I hope the reefs will recover. These soft corals below are doing very well (*^▽^*)

A little blenny, they got such a cute face!

We also saw clown fish today, always popular(*^▽^*)

Tomorrow, we’re departing from Kabira! Let’s go✨