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The east wind is strong but the air-temperature went all the way up to 28°C in Ishigaki island today☆

Today, we departed for fun dives from Sakieda beach(≧▽≦) We didn’t have much luck with the turtles yesterday, but today we got to see them again♪♪
This one below was hiding its face (;^ω^)

The corals are doing well! They look better everyday now and it’s a joy to watch☆ I wonder if the patches will grow together and cover all the bottom again…

Yesterday, we saw lots of Giant cuttlefish in one spot but today there was only one(;^ω^) I’m glad it came to greet us\(^o^)/ Even if only one was there today, I wonder if I found a spot where we can see them before mating season starts?!

Lots of flatworms on today’s dives♪♪ We saw them both in pair and as single individuals making their way across the bottom in their own peculiar way☆

A Bubble coral shrimp♪♪ It looked healthy, however, last year I could find many other shrimps around here too(;・∀・)

For dive shops in Kabira area, the season for diving in Osaki and Nagura has just started and there are so many points I want to visit. It’s going to be a fun winter and spring☆

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