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The north wind will continue to get stronger tomorrow in Ishigaki island(;´・ω・)
However, there are still good dive spots that are sheltered from the north wind☆

Underwater in Osaki we could still feel the waves motion a bit, but the Green turtles didn’t mind and were sleeping at their usual place(≧▽≦) Some of them had squeezed themselves between or under rocks to keep from swaying while others were out and about♪

Inside Nagura bay there are so many corals ♪ The Blue-green damselfishes were swimming in schools above the corals just to hide away quickly when approached(;^ω^)

New table corals are also coming up♪♪ The reefs has suffered some from the high water temperatures the last years, but now they are recovering slow and steady\(^o^)/

Everybody’s favorite Clown anemonefish♡ They tried to look tough as we approached, but to me it looked more like a cute dance♪♪

A pair of Robust ghost pipefish♪♪ Seeing them in two probably means they’re going to stay here, I hope we can find them again(;^ω^)

A Bubble coral shrimp☆ It lives on a beautiful coral(≧▽≦)

The wind is still very strong in Ishigaki island, I worry the water temperature will go down quickly(´-ω-`)
Winter is coming(;・∀・)

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