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I wonder how long this north wind will continue, and the rain kept coming and going today in Ishigaki island.

We went out fun diving in Osaki area and despite the weather had a couple of nice dives(*^▽^*)
Today’s diver took his open water liscense with us in April and decided to come back for some summertime dives☆☆ Unfortunatley, because of the wind, we couldn’t take him to our dive sites in Kabira this time either(;´・ω・)
But even if you go to the same dive site, you can see many different things on each dive\(^o^)/

The Garden eels were very bold today and didn’t hide in their holes as usual(;・∀・)

An Upside-down jellyfish♪♪ They always swim like this and it looks kind of cute, I wonder why they do it…・

A Goby on a Whip coral(≧▽≦) The tiny fellow wobbled unstably as it moved♪

Two Green turtles having an afternoon siesta\(^o^)/ One of them had a web of dirt on its shell(;^ω^)

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