Another Happy Diving Day with Many Interesting Encounters☆

Today, we went out for three dives in Osaki and Nagura area(≧▽≦)

Visibility was on top and we found a pair of adult Ghost pipefish(^ω^) They were pretty deep, I hope they will come to more shallow water.

A Nudibranch made its way across the sandy bottom♪♪

A Ribbon eel also poked its head out fo the sand\(^o^)/
It has moved since I saw it last time… around 2 meters away☆

We also found an Orange spotted prawn goby. Don’t you think the eyes look like soccer balls?☆

This Leafy scorpionfish is always in the same place♪ The other day, a big stonefish was sitting right behind it so I worried that it would get eaten. But its still here (≧▽≦)

Close-up picture! Kind of ugly, kind of cute (;^ω^)

The Bubble coral shrimps were looking well today too ♪♪ I think they are getting along well with the Squat shrimps that are living in the same place.

Of course, we also saw lots of beautiful corals in Nagura♪ Floating over them feels like a dream☆

The weather is getting colder and colder, I’ll have to change to my winter wetsuit soon((+_+))

Fun Dives in Nagura and Osaki

Today we were off with three divers on the boat(≧▽≦)

A southwest wind was blowing so there was some swell in Oskai area, but we saw many small marine animals and lots of healthy corals☆☆
This season we have seen many Robust ghost pipefish♪ They are very small, but today we saw a pair of them\(^o^)/

We are also seeing more and more nudibranch. I wonder what different kinds we can spot this winter( *´艸`)

Two shrimps were hiding in a bubble coral♬♬ The top one is a Bubble coral shrimp, and the bottom one is a Squat shrimp.

A close up of an Anemonefish… looking pretty terrifying ( ゚Д゚)

Thank you for today’s dives and another good day at sea\(^o^)/

Discover Scuba Dives in Nagura bay☆

The ocean calmed down quickly after the storm\(^o^)/ A good day for diving in Ishigaki island☆
Today’s discover scuba diver came all the way from France♪♪ She had been diving five times already so she swam very well underwater from the start\(^o^)/

A baby anemone fish♪ So soothing for the heart♪

Photogenic red fancoral☆ Lots of small shrimps and crabs lives on it, it’s a fun treasure hunt(≧▽≦)

Lots of banded sea snakes can be found in Nagura bay, this charming one came up behind our diver(;^ω^) However, many people dislike snakes(/ω\)

All dive sites have many healthy beautiful corals♪♪

I hope the wind will continue to be gentle from now on…\(^o^)/

Discover Scuba Dives among Corals☆

From this afternoon, the wind will start to get very strong according to the forecast. So let’s go diving before it starts!!

We went out on a sea that was much calmer than I expected and did two dives, one in Osaki and one in Nagura♪♪ On both dives, we saw many healthy and beautiful corals♪

Our first-time divers soon became comfortable underwater☆ Of course, we took pictures with Anemonefishes♪

The descent was easy and smooth using a line(≧▽≦)

I’m looking forward to see the corals getting bigger and bigger at these dive sites\(^o^)/

Lots of Exciting Marine Life on Today’s Dives!

We went out for two afternoon dives in Osaki area today♪♪

On our dives we saw many different critters, let me introduce some of them to you☆☆
First out is this small juvenile Ribbon eel, he will turn blue once he gets older. I wonder if he’ll still be staying in the same area by then(;^ω^)

Two different kinds of Gobies, White-ray shrimp goby and Black-ray shrimp goby♪
They are usually found in deeper areas and their cute appearance charm many divers☆

Around this time of the year, lots of Nudibranch also start to show up♪ We saw lots of them around today (≧▽≦)

Most of the Robust ghost pipefishes around here are quite small, but there has been a lot of them latley\(^o^)/

A Leafy scorpionfish was swaying like a leaf in the wind. Today’s individual sat right  in front of a Stonefish(/ω\)

I wonder if the Stonefish will eat it?(-_-) They are both the same kind of species so I think they should get along!