Heading Towards Winter, Lots of New Encounters Underwater☆

Cloudy sky, but the wind is calming down again in Ishigaki island☆

On today’s dives we found many different critters(≧▽≦)
On the sandy bottom we found different types of Gobies☆ Below is a White-ray shrimp goby♪♪ Gobies are usually shy so it’s important to approach slowly(^O^)

A pair of Pipehorses♪ I hope they will stay in this spot(*’ω’*)

The Green turtles were having a siesta as usually(≧▽≦) I took a picture of its sleepy face♪♪

We also saw a Giant cuttlefish! I wonder if it’s waiting for its friends to shop up(;^ω^)

In the shallow part of Osaki we swam around the coral reefs☆☆

A Scorpionfish☆ It was hiding very well(^O^)

The season for Nudibranch has started♪

A school of Longfin Batfish♪ I hope this school will grow bigger, but maybe that’s too much to ask(;・∀・)

Every time I go diving in Ishigaki, I always find lots of different marine creatures(≧▽≦)

Fun Dives☆ Lots of Shrimps and Crabs♪

It was a bit overcast this morning but by noon the sky was clear over Ishigaki island☆

Today we went out for 3 dives☆ First we went to a deeper dive site that had lots of Lionfish in the past, however, last year they disappeared… would they be there today?
Unfortunately, not a single one(/ω\) But we did see a big school of Trevally\(^o^)/ Also, lots of shrimps(`・ω・´)
Below, a Skunk shrimp☆

A Durban dancing shrimp☆ They look like a little dance troupe when they walk in a group(≧▽≦)

A Cleaner shrimp☆ They were working very diligently to clean the fish(;^ω^)

On the edge of an Anemone, a Porcelain anemone crab♪

This fellow was mimicking a whip coral♪♪

In the shallow area, we did find a Lionfish(^O^) I wonder where the big school went…(;・∀・)

The Green turtles were chillaxing as usual☆ I’m so grateful they like to hang out at this site in Osaki where we can go an meet them(*’ω’*)

A Ribbon eel

We also saw a Giant cuttlefish!

Of course, we enjoyed the corals too\(^o^)/Looking well♪♪

Tomorrow we’re off diving again♪ Looking forward to it!

The Turtles are Back☆ and We Saw a Cuttlefish again!

The east wind is strong but the air-temperature went all the way up to 28°C in Ishigaki island today☆

Today, we departed for fun dives from Sakieda beach(≧▽≦) We didn’t have much luck with the turtles yesterday, but today we got to see them again♪♪
This one below was hiding its face (;^ω^)

The corals are doing well! They look better everyday now and it’s a joy to watch☆ I wonder if the patches will grow together and cover all the bottom again…

Yesterday, we saw lots of Giant cuttlefish in one spot but today there was only one(;^ω^) I’m glad it came to greet us\(^o^)/ Even if only one was there today, I wonder if I found a spot where we can see them before mating season starts?!

Lots of flatworms on today’s dives♪♪ We saw them both in pair and as single individuals making their way across the bottom in their own peculiar way☆

A Bubble coral shrimp♪♪ It looked healthy, however, last year I could find many other shrimps around here too(;・∀・)

For dive shops in Kabira area, the season for diving in Osaki and Nagura has just started and there are so many points I want to visit. It’s going to be a fun winter and spring☆

Lot’s of Cuttlefish☆ In this Season?!

The wind has strengthened but otherwise the weather was great on Ishigaki island today☆

We went out for dives in Osaki and Nagura(≧▽≦) It was too bad, but the turtles weren’t sleeping at their usual place. I guess they also need a day off sometimes(/ω\)

A young Ribbon eel poked its head up from the sand, there seems to be a lot of them around this year. We usually only see the young ones, I wonder where I can find the adults(;・∀・)

A huge Stonefish♪♪There are lots of them in Osaki so be careful on the bottom! They are a bit scary(;^ω^)

In Nagura, we can find many different types of corals, these different species are all co-existing together♪♪

Schools of Blue-green damselfishes dashed in and out of the corals as if preforming a dance♪♪

But the main act of today was the Giant cuttlefishes! There was a small school of three\(^o^)/ The season for them is not until this spring but, if we are lucky, they might take up residence at this site. I’m going to look for them tomorrow again!

Tomorrow will be another sunny day! I just hope the wind will not be that strong(;´・ω・)

Fun Dives in Howling Wind

The wind changed to strong north overnight and it’s a bit chilly on Ishigaki island☆

We tried to choose spots that were a bit sheltered for todays dives\(^o^)/ However, there was quite a bit of swell on the first dive in Osaki(;・∀・)

Luckily, neither the Green turtles or the school of Spotted garden eels seemed to mind the weather change☆☆ Too bad my camera got a card error on the first dive(/ω\) However, we saw many marine animals on the second dive too♪♪

In Nagura area,  we saw a lot of corals(≧▽≦) It was so peaceful underwater☆

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Bubble coral shrimp this big☆

We also found Nemo’s friend, a Pacific blue tang fish!!

Close to the main reef a school of Longfin batfish had gathered(;^ω^) I hope they will stick around♪♪

Under the bommie three White-tip reef sharks were hiding♪♪

The wind will continue to be strong tomorrow, I hope it will calm down soon!!