From the Logbook – Discover Scuba and Fun Dives

Blue sky and warm summer days in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
I wish we could have our boat back((+_+)) It’s still recovering in the marina!
Luckily, we got to borrow another one and went out for discover scuba dives and fun dives today at Manta point and Yonehara coral garden☆
In Yonehara, the small fishes were swimming in big schools. The Sea goldies red against the blue ocean(^O^)

The discover scuba divers were a bit nervous but could descend saftley♪♪ They turned out to be very good swimmers(≧▽≦) We swam over the coral garden together

I’m sad to say that the Manta rays didn’t show up(/ω\)
I found some tiny Nudibranch while waiting♪

A Bubble coral shrimp

Tomorrow, we have more discover scuba divers and fun dives. Looking forward to it♪

Discover Scuba and Fun Dives

The wind has totally died and the sea conditions were a lot calmer this morning in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
We did introduction dives and fun dives at Yonehara and Manta point! The introduction divers had some experience from before and could both go down smoothly and make buoyancy by themselves\(^o^)/

In Yonehara, we spotted four different kinds of Anemonefishes☆ Below is a Clark’s anemonefish♪

An Orange anemonefish protecting its eggs(*^▽^*)

On top of the reef, Sea goldies were swimming in large schools☆

A Nudibranch was making its way across the seafloor♪ We quite often find this sort in Yonehara♪

Tomorrow, the north wind will continue to blow. It felt cool in the afternoon today even though it’s only August(;・∀・)

Why this Northern Wind?

For some reason the wind turned around to north in Ishigaki today(;´・ω・) It was a bit rough but we could still go diving at Yonehara and Manta point☆
Yonehara was sheltered from the north wind and we had a relaxing dive there(≧▽≦)

But, at manta scramble it was pretty rough! We were awarded with seeing both a turtle and a manta ray though(≧▽≦) The Manta passed by very far away and not all guests saw it(;・∀・)

I found a Robust ghostpipefish at Yonehara(^O^)

A tiny, tiny whip coral shrimp☆

And a Bubble coral shrimp♪♪It seems like most of it’s nest was destroyed in the typhoon(/ω\)

Tomorrow we’re going out again with both certified divers and introduction divers! I hope the sea will calm down.

Two Days of Fun Dives in Ishigaki

The wind has finally started to calm down in Ishigaki island but there are still some swell left. Yesterday afternoon, we got our boat towed to the marina. Thanks friends! (^O^) I hope we can get it fixed soon(; ・`д・´)
These two days we’ve been diving in Arakawa area, Yonehara and Manta point♪♪ The visibility is on top(≧▽≦) We watched the Sea goldies swim around like small colorful dots in the ocean♡

Yesterday, we saw Manta rays at manta scramble\(^o^)/ However, no luck at manta city today(/ω\) Recently we’ve seen them quite often so I hope they will be around tomorrow again(;^ω^)

We could se lots of small fishes swimming in and out of the corals in the blue, clear water♪

A little swim through\(^o^)/

A White-mouth moray♪♪ We see them quite often here!

And a big Honey comb moray♪

More diving tomorrow♪ Looking forward to relaxing time under the sea☆

While the Manta Ray was Circling Round and Round…

The typhoon has cleared but the wind keeps changing direction in Ishigaki island(;^ω^) This is log from two days of fun dives! (≧▽≦) The visibility has been very good☆
Today, we got a real treat! A big Manta ray was circling round and round the cleaning station☆☆ At that time, my camera stubbornly said “card error” during the whole dive(゚Д゚;) Couldn’t take a single picture…(;^ω^)

On the boat, I took out and put in the card again and it worked fine on our third dive with the Green turtles(^O^)

A Leafy Scorpionfish☆

A Robust Ghostpipefish♪

But among all the things we saw this is my faovorite♡ Can you spot the  Lambrachaeus ramifer crab? (*^▽^*)

A Brown-banded pipefish♪

A small Anemone partner shrimp☆ There are not so many shrimps in this Anemone so I’m happy they’re still here after the typhoon(^O^)

A tiny Bubble coral shrimp☆☆

Looking forward to more dives tomorrow♪