Blue Sky while Diving, then Sudden Rain

A gentle wind was blowing and then… suddenly rain and thunder(;^ω^)
But that didn’t happen until we were back after our dives and it was sunny all morning on Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) Today we went out with discover scuba divers☆

Everybody managed to descend smoothly and enjoy diving! We found a couple of Anemonefishes♪♪

The coral filed in Yonehara♪ Lots of small Sea goldies and other fishes swam around us(*^▽^*)

Bouyancy looking good! \(^o^)/

An Anemone clownfish(≧▽≦)

Tomorrow we’re going out for discover scuba dives again♪It looks like a typhoon is forming in the south but here it’s still calm♪Looking forward to another day on the sea☆

No Manta Rays, but we Enjoyed Landscape Dives and Saw Many Small Critters

The sun is shining bright and hot all over Japan and Ishigaki(≧▽≦) We had a group of divers joining us from Hong Kong the last few days☆ We’ve been to Yonehara area, Arakawa area and Manta point♪ At the Arakawa swim-throughs, there were so many Glass fishes inside(`・ω・´)

Another landscape point in Kabira area♪♪

A young Midnight Snapper♪Now, it has a unique pattern and long fins, but when it becomes an adult… it will just be another grey fish in the ocean(;^ω^)

An Anemone partner shrimp.

We also saw this tiny Nudibranch make its way across the ocean floorす☆

It’s almost August already! I hope the Manta rays will start showing up more frequently(;^ω^)
Tomorrow we’re off for discover scuba dives☆

A Team of Cheerful Fun Divers

Today was another calm day on the ocean in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) We had a dive team from Hong Kong joining our tour today☆
We went out to Manta point with high hopes but sadly the Manta rays didn’t show up today(/ω\) I wish they would show up more regularly, it’s almost August! We also went to Yonehara and Arakawa where we saw many different marine animals\(^o^)/

In a blue, blue ocean the Tomato Anemonefish knows how to stand out♪♪

A young Lionfish☆ Tiny body with long vispy fins♪

A well camoflaged Scorpionfish(^O^)

Hiding between the rocks, a Brown-banded pipefish♪

A lovely Dragon Nudibranch♡

Below, a flatworm☆

Tomorrow, we’re off with the same team again. Looking forward to seeing lots of different marine animals again(^O^)

On Warm Days like this, it’s Best to be Underwater

Almost no wind at all in Ishigaki island today, it’s very hot!(;・∀・) But underwater it’s very comfortable☆
Not sure if the Manta rays agree, they didn’t show up today(/ω\) We’ve seen them the last few days so maybe the needed a break(;^ω^)
Yoneharas coral field never disappoints though(≧▽≦)

A small Ishigaki blenny making a cute face♪♪

Below, a Brown-banded pipefish☆

And another small marine animal, a Nudibranch♪♪

An Anemone shrimp(≧▽≦)

And a Bubble coral shrimp!

I hope we can see some Manta rays and Turtles in Kabira tomorrow. Looking forward to fun dives☆

Flat Sea! Manta Rays!

Calm wind and the ocean flat like a mirror in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
We also got to meet the Manta rays! We didn’t have to wait long for them to appear today either(*^▽^*)

A steady grip to stay still☆☆ The Manta came very close(≧▽≦)

Today, we went to Yamabare, Manta city and Yonehara. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Pipefish♡ I hope it will stick around☆

We also saw a Leafy scorpionfish♪

Hovering above the reef with all the Sea goldies☆

Below, a Bubble coral shrimp.

A Whip coral shrimp☆

And Squat shrimps♪

Tomorrow will be another calm day on the ocean, looking forward to it(≧▽≦)