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Clear sky over Ishigaki island today\(^o^)/ Sunny summer is back(≧▽≦)
Today we went out for discover scuba dives at Yonehara and Manta scramble(*^▽^*)

Today’s divers had tried diving before and swam very well underwater\(^o^)/ They could be mistaken for certified divers with that bouancy(;^ω^)

We floated over the coral field in Yoneharaす♪♪ The visibility was a bit less than usual but the fishes were as abundant as ever☆

Today we saw Manta rays! They appeared as soon as we descended\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/ They didn’t circle but swam back and forth a several times♪♪♪

Tomorrow we’re off for fun dives! I wonder if the Manta rays will show up again?(;・∀・)

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