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Today was another calm day on the ocean in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) We had a dive team from Hong Kong joining our tour today☆
We went out to Manta point with high hopes but sadly the Manta rays didn’t show up today(/ω\) I wish they would show up more regularly, it’s almost August! We also went to Yonehara and Arakawa where we saw many different marine animals\(^o^)/

In a blue, blue ocean the Tomato Anemonefish knows how to stand out♪♪

A young Lionfish☆ Tiny body with long vispy fins♪

A well camoflaged Scorpionfish(^O^)

Hiding between the rocks, a Brown-banded pipefish♪

A lovely Dragon Nudibranch♡

Below, a flatworm☆

Tomorrow, we’re off with the same team again. Looking forward to seeing lots of different marine animals again(^O^)

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