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It’s very hot here in Ishigaki island☆ On days like this we just want to jump straight into the water(;^ω^)
And meet new friends like this little Clown anemonefish♪♪

A field of corals♪ This dive site is very good for beginner divers and divers that has been out of the water for a while(≧▽≦)

Schools of Sea goldies(≧▽≦)

No manta rays today either~~((+_+))
But we met this Green turtle chilling on a rock☆

I found this Leafy scorpionfish the other day♪ It was still in the same spot☆

A Mantis shrimp poked its head out from a sandy hole☆

A Whip coral shrimp☆☆

Looking forward to more encounters underwater. However, a typhoon has formed south of the island so we might have to take a rest(;・∀・)

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