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Blue sky and warm summer days in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
I wish we could have our boat back((+_+)) It’s still recovering in the marina!
Luckily, we got to borrow another one and went out for discover scuba dives and fun dives today at Manta point and Yonehara coral garden☆
In Yonehara, the small fishes were swimming in big schools. The Sea goldies red against the blue ocean(^O^)

The discover scuba divers were a bit nervous but could descend saftley♪♪ They turned out to be very good swimmers(≧▽≦) We swam over the coral garden together

I’m sad to say that the Manta rays didn’t show up(/ω\)
I found some tiny Nudibranch while waiting♪

A Bubble coral shrimp

Tomorrow, we have more discover scuba divers and fun dives. Looking forward to it♪

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