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Another day with calm blue sky in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) In Kabira area the ocean was flat like mirror today again♪♪

Today we went fun diving at Yamabare and Manta point☆☆
Underwater was also calm and the time passed very quickly(;^ω^)
We saw Green turtles on the first dive♪ This young turtle had found a good fitting place on the reef♪

At Manta scramble we didn’t need to wait long for a Manta to show up\(^o^)/ As I looked around, I realized my divers had spotted it before me(;・∀・) I thought it was going to start circling, but it just took one turn and then swam away(/ω\) I wonder what spooked it…

As the Manta left, at least it gave a good show and passed close over our divers’ heads☆☆☆

Nudibranch♪ It really has a lot of colors and shapes going on(^O^) And it looked like a snake as it moved! I was surprised how fast it was(;^ω^)

On the sandy soil we saw lots of Spotted garden eels☆ They are very shy and will hide away if you approach them too quickly, however, if you go slow you can get this close☆

A Pipehorse!

We posted lots of Ornate ghost pipefish pictures lately(;・∀・) There are of course many other fishes and critters to see, but they are not quite as photogenic ☆

On the rope a Spider crab was hiding. It was making a weird shape(;^ω^)

The typhoon is passing very far away from Ishigaki! I hope we can continue this calm weather for the rest of the season, but maybe that’s too much to ask(;^ω^)

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